Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another screenshot of interaction during Dafne and María's presentation in TESOL Spain Posted by Hello

Screenshot from TESOL Conference in Seville. Posted by Hello

TESOL Conference in Spain

Earlier today I took part, together with many other webheads - Vance, Andrew, Elizabeth, Sus, Susan, Lianne, Chrissan, Graham, Jude, Cora, Aiden, Buth, Jean, Teresa and Joao, Jane and Rick- in Dafne and María's presentation in Seville, Spain. Their presentation, Cultures, Communities and Classrooms: Diversity in English Language Education focused on the work done by this Community of practice and provided examples of blended learning.
The experience was very special to me as it was the first time I had taken part in this kind of session. We could listen to Dafne and Maria addressing the audience in Spain while we kept in contact with our colleagues of WIA in the text chat window of Alado. Most of us were also using Yahoo Messenger and could therefore keep parallel conversations and use our webcams there.
Towards the end of their talk, Dafne and María invited us to make short contributions in which we briefly explained who we were and how WIA was helping us become better EFL teachers.
I got some interesting screenshots that will show part of the activity during the session.

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