Sunday, January 30, 2005

Getting ready for Will Richardson's talk

I have been reading the articles suggested as Pre-reading for Will Richardson's chat and now start to understand how Bee, Aaron and Graham manage to keep up to date with the additions to our blogs. Up to now I had my doubts about whether it would be practical to have to check 25 or more blogs. This RSS tool seems to be the solution to the problem. I have already registered with Bloglines and have started adding feeds to my list. From the technical point of view, I think we have added one more piece to the jigsaw ... But then, there's the content to deal with, not just the form.
As for the articles by Will Richardson, I found this work he did with his literature class an excellent way of involving parents in their kids' learning process. As for the book, The Secret Life of Bees, I wish we could get it for the school library. At this point I am definitely positive I will use blogs with at least two of my classes, 6th grade and 5th Junior. The 6th grade blog is already in progress and I will try to link it to literature activities. 5th Junior ... there's so much I can do with them ...

Hi Ale

I'm sure there will be a collective sigh of relief as people discover how useful Bloglines can be. Although there are other ways of keeping up with blogs (Blogger, for example, enabling posts and comments to be emailed when they are updated), the other way is so much more easier and saves a lot of time.

Good luck with blogging to your classes too.
So many balls to juggle with, huh? So many variables! But what an exciting environment! Full of promise and exploration. Great work, Ale! And keep posting, asking, inquiring, interacting...connecting the whats, how to's and asking why.
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