Friday, January 21, 2005

I attended the session with Anne Davis at Tapped In today. I thought it was enlightening. Of course after having listened to what she had to say about the possibilities blogging offers I would have to add quite a few more ideas to my mindmap ... lol. I browsed through her blogs later in the morning and I found them lovely models of what can be achieved with young learners. I especially liked her Idioms are Fun blog.

I have also had a look at this other site for Blogging Mr Ascanio mentioned ... 20six ... looks user-friendly indeed. I will have to devote some time to exploring it once I finish the course to make up my mind which is more convenient. For the time being I have enough with mastering Blogger ...

I am also considering using this topic with my FCE students when I have to deal with Writing a Report. One of the tasks I could assign my students is to compare and contrast different blog sites. Authentic tasks are definitely more motivating ...

After reading Bee's suggestion in today's Digest I changed my blog settings to allow anonymous users to comment. This will definitely encourage more comments.

Hi Ale

I couldn't get to Anne's session on Friday, but I did manage to read the transcript, and also found it very interesting.

I think your idea for your FCE students is a good one. A site you might find useful when preparing this is James Trotta's list of EFL/ESL friendly blogs, available at:

It'd be particularly good for your report writing task, as the list is organised by topic, so if your students are writing reports on Travel, you can suggest they choose one from his list here:

I hope you find this useful, and look forward to reading more on your blog!

All the best

Graham Stanley
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