Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Too much?

I now realise that I missed the session at Tapped In. I had it down for 9pm but it was at 9am. Anyway, I would have had to choose as it clashed with the Michael Coghlan's talk.Well, the fact that I am trying to cope with 2/3 groups + working on a paper for the next LABCI Congress is definitely showing ... Anyway, glad this session was at Tapped In and the transcript was already uploaded. We are so lucky to have such efficient moderators!

Also had a chance to chat to Hans today. We started working on plans for applying all we are learning in a joint project again. Moving beyond MSN The Netherlands - Argentina Group into blogosphere? Hopefully ...

Too much?
You sound highly active! Let us know how that joint project develops. Those kind of cross cultural exchanges can really be enlightening for students if carried out well.
Hi Ale

You asked a question about feedback at my blog ( Persoanlly, I think it's important to give feedback on content - that's the kind of feedback that students rarely get, and I think it's the most motivating.

I rarely correct student posts, although I will use what they have written incorrectly to feedback into classroom sessions in error correction sessions (without focusing on who it was that made the error)

I have experimented with correcting in blogs before, but I was unhappy about the results, and I found it took up too much time. There is also the danger of demotivating students, which would be disasterous if what we want them to do is to write feely in their blogs.

I do know that Bee has corrected work posted on weblogs, so it would be good to ask her what she thinks about it. It'd also be an interesting question to throw up for debate on the collective blog, don't you think?
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