Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Adding a slider ... sound again

If this works properly you should see a slider this time to play the recorded message...

Oooohh....nice. I wonder if there is a way to email these files to a cell phone. I can imagine sending out a morning greeting to all my students while they are on their way to class.
Nice little audio introduction. It is always great to hear the persons voice. It really adds a whole other dimention to learning communities. And it's cool that someone in the group is from Argentina. It's a wonderful country. :-)
Works wonders Ale...now you can insert as many sound creations as you wish to your weblog :-)
Just a note...correct the code in the template so as instead of loop=true you have loop=false
This allows you to stop the recording once it has played once.
Your audio works fine both on your blog and your site. Are there any links to tutorials (e.g. like Vance's) enabling absolute beginners (e.g.like me) to create such materials?
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