Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Adding a sound file to the blog

Mmm not sure what I am doing will lead me to what I am aiming at. Quite frankly I am doing all this very intuitively ...

Listen to me ... a recording with Handybits
And intuitively it works ! You are getting the gist of it :-)
If you want to add a little slider to your page instead of a link, you can extract the particular bit from the source code of this blog entry (starts with embed and finishes /embed )to your own post, making adjustments in the url (remember to edit it in html mode in blogger).
Very good! Very clever. How did you create the sound file?
Mark, I recorded the message using Handybits, then I uploaded the audio file to my webpage in Geocities ... then I embeded the url of where the audio file is hosted in the post ... don't know if that answers the question ...
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