Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Away for too long

I haven't been posting lately because I have started working and therefore juggling to get things done. I have not been participating actively in the discussions but I do manage to read all the digests and I have also done most of the readings. In fact last week I had to decide on my priorities and I thought that focusing on the Week 5 activities for the BAW group would be the best.
I am quite satisfied with my achievements up to now: I have managed to get several blogs going, I have created my webpage and have managed to use most of the programmes recommended for creating online exercises. I have also added zillions of links to my bookmarks which I hope to be able to read and analyse during the year. There's so much interesting information.
I hate not being able to attend some of the talks in Tapped In or LT but most of them clash with school now. Anyway, this of having the transcripts is great, even better than attending traditional seminars.
As for these week's comments I felt deeply moved by Hala's message. She clearly expressed what we all feel about these workshops coming to an end. Who in the webheads, weblogging or webpresence group could not feel a bit sad? On the other hand this experience has been so rewarding and I have no doubt we all feel so reassured by the moderators and the rest of our colleagues in the groups that I have no doubt we can all count on one another to continue working on projects, asking questions when we can't get things to work in cyberspace or just meeting for some F.U.N at Tapped In.
I would not like to finish this post without mentioning that whoever reads this - whether a webhead or a webhead in the make- can count on me for any project or any discussion or whatever help I can offer. I think this is what basically makes this community of practice so strong, the fact that we all want to share and help and learn together.
Hello Ale,
I have also started my classes here so it has been difficult to keep up with all that has been going on. However, as you say, the fact that the workshop is over does not mean that we do not stay in contact. You have a syndicated blog (so you can see what others are doing), YG list and a whole group of teachers who are making things happen! Keep in touch.
Yes Ale, it has been fun! But I look at it as just a beginning. I will certainly be following what you write in this space over the next year. Keep writing and sharing!
Hi Ale

I'm going to echo what Bee and Aaron have said. I think we shouldn't look upon it as the end of a course, more a new beginning, especially, as Aaron says, we can follow what you're writing here, and keep the contact going.
Dear Ale, You're not getting rid of me. I'll keep reading your blog so make sure you don't stop writing. Once a community is created, it can't just stop existing overnight. And it feels we've managed to create contact and share experiences - I'm sure at least some of us will be around.
Dear Ale,

I was amazed that you had followed three EV online courses. I was barely able to do one. Congrats.
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