Thursday, February 10, 2005


This time ... one of the features I don't like about Blogger.I have received a comment from "Marco Polo" I get an email but I can't reply to Marco P because the address is a no-reply address. I come to my blog and I go to the comments area to see if I can send Marco Polo a comment from this part of my blog but I find Marco Polo's profile is not public ... doesn't seem fair ... So then, Marco Polo I can't answer your question I am afraid
Yes...this is a nuisance, isn't it? This is why it is good to activate the profile area. You can always open a mail address specifically for this that you do not get spam in your normal mail.
I think Marco Polo is Marc on the mail address in the members area of YG and you should be able to contact him.
Woah! Didn't know I had a profile, let alone that I had the option to make it public (or that I had to in order for people to write to me). Still don't know how to do this, tho I've been fiddling with my Blogger settings...
The easiest way to reply to me, tho is to add a comment below your own posting. I've added your feed to my bloglines, so I'll know when you've posted. And Bee's right about my identity.
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