Sunday, February 06, 2005

Doing activities for week 4

The following post corresponds to Week 4 Task #3 . We have to use Flickr to post a photo to our blog. I have already posted photos using Hello, but it seems Flickr has some advantages. I especially liked the feature that allows one to chose the right size.

As for the photo I chose for this activity, it is one we took during our holidays in Bariloche, the first week in Jan. If this works properly you should be able to see a picture of a bird ...the lake is Nahuel Huapi in, Patagonia

bird in bariloche

Dear Alejandra,
I just like your picture for the moment and the beauty of Patagonia it captures. Thanks for sharing it with us. Kind regards from Slovenia.
Wow! That's breathtaking! If only I could be an eagle for a day.....
Agreeing with Sarolta and Aaron I want to share with you my feelings of admiration for the miracles of nature.
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