Thursday, February 03, 2005

A sense of community

I didn't want to go to sleep without mentioning how I managed to post a picture in my profile thanks to Chrissan's help. Chrissan, I have already posted my message in YG but I want to mention it here as well, thanks for your prompt and detailed reply.

I am still on holiday, but one of the schools where I work opened the day before yesterday. This morning I decided to go and pay a visit to our director to tell her a bit about these courses I am doing (BAW, Weblogging and Webpresence). I was telling her today that what I still cannot understand is how we have all managed to create this sense of community - 200 people spread all over the world- when sometimes we don't manage to create the same kind of bonds between the 20 teachers that work in a school.

Apart from the tons I am learning from these groups in relation to pedagogy and technology what I will never forget is this feeling of belonging to a community that allows us to grow professionally because we are all willing to help one another as colleagues but, basically as human beings. There's always someone there to reply to our messages and I also have this feeling that I cannot move to another activity without posting a message on somebody's blog or replying to a query if I think I can help. I am sure this won't end in three weeks' time when we finish the workshops.

I have no words to express my praise and gratitude to the moderators of each of the groups that have managed to lead us way beyond what could be expressed in any syllabus.

The great thing about forming these online communties of practice is that they never have to end! We can continue to share with one another as the years pass and RSS and aggregators make that so easy to do. I just love this stuff.
Dear Alejandra,
I couldn't agree more with you - the amaying sense of community, the reading of the blogs and sending posts, the help we receive. It is something special. Kind regards.
Dear Alejandra,
Thank you so much for visiting my Elections Blog. I appreciate your kind comments-my students and I worked hard on the project.
p.s. I love your Patagonia picture!
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