Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today's talks

I attended both talks today at Alado and Learning Times. They were both useful; however, I believe that the technical quality of Learning Times and the Elluminate software they use is much better than the platform offered by Alado - or maybe it is the settings of my computer or my kind of Internet connection that gets on well with Learning Times?

From the pedagogical point of view, both Buth and Mary gave excellent presentations that focused on the educational applications of RSS and creating a webpage. The moderators' work and both Andrew's and Jonathan's technical support were impeccable as usual. I am sure we all feel proud of having joined such a cooperative group of educators. If only we managed to get educators in our countries to work as professionally as these people!

Yesterday I created my first webpage at geocities. It looks nice and I really found it easy following the step-by-step instructions. Of course, like with everything else I have created I still have to see how to apply it to the classes I have this year. I also want to see what other sites have to offer Tripod and Bravenet. Flickr also sounded like a choice worth exploring. I am quite lucky I still have a month before we start classes. I will be able to experiment quite a bit before I put all this into practice ...

Dear Alejandra,,

Nice website. I haven't created one on the internet yet though I have done so in the school's LAN. What webhost do you recommend as having the most intuitive interface? Do these hosts need to have a separate FTP to upload your website?

Reading through your blogs, I noticed that you seem at ease with learning computer tech stuff. I guess the only way to be good is through practice, eh?

Thanks for letting me share this with you.
Dear Alejandra,
I've read your new post and immediately visited your Room in Cibercpace. My goodness, it's soooo nice. Congratulations! I'm sure your students will like it too. Warm regards.
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