Sunday, February 13, 2005

Videoblogging in the end?

Well, I think I finally got to the last stage ... my video is in some server and if I am doing things properly I should be able to insert a link to the video here. I would prefer to have a screenshot or some picture that showed there was a video but that would probably be my next step. For the time being I want to see if the video can be accessed by clicking oh this link.
Ale! Well done!! It worked fine, and it looks and sounds better than the samples ones on the Photostory homepage (great music).
I discovered I didn't have a codec plugin that is necessary to play the photostories, so I had to get that first.
Good Job, pal! You did it right... now I gonna follow your steps and try to do it myself ...
Love Villa La Angostura, I´ve been there twice.
PS: However, could only listen to the music of your last post.
Hi Ale,
Thanks for your comment to my first blog.
Love your Villa La Angostura and Photo Story with good music it is much better.
The link is OK, and the bird in Patagonia is something!
Ale - lovely little video clip. Great music; nice feel. Nice one Ale!
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