Saturday, May 28, 2005

mayo 2005 017

mayo 2005 017
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Talking about blogs

Dear Ale,
I'm so haaaaappy for you! :-)
That's the Webhead spirit! And, yes, Webheads rule!
I couldn't agree more with Bee's advice. I've always tried to do that. Yesterday evening, as I was writing a summary (is it??!!) of CALL lesson 8 in the Have Fun with English blog, I was saying to myself: Why write so much? And then I thought: Well, this isn't so much for the students, it's for me and other colleagues who may want to know how I did things!
Yes, it's worth it and... the more detail, the better! I always think that it's better to have more than less!!!
Keep up that great work, Ale!
Million hugs,
Brava Ale!!! You have been super productive!!

Susan in Florence
Way to go, Ale! Congrats on all the hard work. You'll see how good it feels after some time when you go over it and recap your progress. Blogs can and should be used as portfolios.
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