Saturday, May 28, 2005

Open Day at ABCI

I remember some time ago Bee told me, "Don't forget to document all you do." Well, this post has to do with following her advice and also with feeling the need to share with you a most rewarding experience I had yesterday.

Our school organises an Open Day every year. This is not for parents to come and visit us as some of you might expect, but for some 40 teachers from other towns around Bahía Blanca who teach following the guidelines of our syllabus. The idea is to invite them to visit our classes and to offer them the opportunity to attend talks on different topics of interest to EFL teachers in general.

This year four talks were planned, two on Using Feature Films in the EFL Classroom, one on Developing Writing Skills and another which I delivered on Enhancing our Teaching through the Use of Technology.

My presentation tried to offer these teachers a very succinct view of most of what I have learnt and put into practice since EVO 2005 (blogs, creating webpages, communities of practice); it also included an email /MSN Group project Hans de Zwart from The Netherlands and I carried out last year. I also tried to encourage them to join WIA.

The presentation was a great success and I have already been in contact through MSN with one of the teachers who has already started her blog.

So it seems that once again Webheads rule.
Way to go Ale!
Great to hear this Ale. It sounds like this won't be the last time you give such a presentation. Webheads rule!
Congratulations from me too!
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